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And the Winner Is….

Posted by Austios on August 5, 2011

Thank you to all who participated in my Plate by Plate 2011 ticket giveaway contest! It was quite competitive, but I’m proud to announce that the winner of the contest is Tammy Tu!!

Tammy is a personal chef in the Los Angeles area and you can follow her on Twitter here. Tammy and I have mildly gotten to know each other on Twitter, so its nice to see the tickets go to someone I know. Not that giving them to some other stranger who won fair and square would’ve been worse, I’m just saying. =P

I will be emailing the grand prize winner, as well as the 1st prize winners. If you did not win anything, I still highly encourage you to come support our efforts in helping AYC achieve their goals for 2011 and buy purchasing tickets for the event. If you cannot attend but would still like to donate, please visit for more information on that.

Thank you again to all who participated and I hope to see you all This Saturday at Vibiana Cathedral!!


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