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New Feature: Video Blog!

Posted by Austios on February 24, 2010

I wanted to introduce a new feature that you will be seeing on Living To Eat: VIDEO BLOG!

I will at times use my iPhone to shoot a short video of what I’m doing or where I’m eating. I figured I have the technology, I might as well use it. I however do not have a data plan on my phone (shhhh!) and am not able to post videos right away.

This first one is actually a retro active video, since I shot it last Wednesday but am just uploading it now. In fact, all of my videos will be like that since, again, I don’t have data on my phone.


3 Responses to “New Feature: Video Blog!”

  1. jenn said

    Nice!! I look forward to seeing more!!

  2. Justine said

    Wanna see more!! LOTS OF HEALTHY FOOD PLEASE!~

  3. jennifer L. said

    nice! 🙂

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