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Wine 4 Haiti Part I

Posted by Austios on January 25, 2010


A BIG thanks to The Wine Detective for opening up their business to host this event. While we didn’t have the numbers that I was anticipating, everyone still had a good time and the evening went pretty smoothly. The owners pulled through, doing a couple things that I did not ask them to do nor was I expecting, such as making a sign large enough for those exiting The Counter & Green Street Restaurant to see and possibly lure in.

Part of the deal was that admission included a $25 wine card to start and a small cheese and charcuterie platter. For the first couple of people, I just had them make a larger platter.

This event, for me, marks the first time I was able to use my new Nikkor 35mm f/1.8 prime lens. It creates great DOF and bokeh.

But back to the event….

Another thing the owners did was put together a slideshow of images of Haiti and its people. They did not include any images from the aftermath of the earthquake, but used pre-quake images as a means of honoring the place and its people. It was very touching.

Ok, one last picture in regards to my new lens. So I mentioned the bokeh it creates…


2 Responses to “Wine 4 Haiti Part I”

  1. Great bokeh with a point and shoot.

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