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Posted by Austios on December 2, 2009

There are very few things that induce genuine and uncontrollable anticipation. Whether it be intimacy with a loved one, potentially winning the lottery, or catching a nail-biting moment of a sports event, more times than not you cannot control yourself and in times where anticipation is thrown in to tango with excitement, you cannot but help yourself from doing a happy dance:

The anticipation I speak of (which in this instance, is definitely intertwined with excitement) is the opening of the Winter Ludobites Pop-up (3.0, Part III, or any other name you desire) set to begin today, December 2, 2009.

Chef/Owner Ludo Lefebvre had such great success during his first two pop-ups, but most recently in the summer of this year at Breadbar on 3rd, that instead of torturing his followers to wait any longer for a brick and mortar version (which they are looking into), has decided along with his wife, business partner, and arguably better half, Krissy, to have another pop-up, this time deciding to set up shop at Royal/T in Culver City. Or at least, that is my assumption of the situation.

Preview of Signage (via

I was fortunate enough to have had Chef Ludo’s food at his last Ludobites pop-up, and I am ever so grateful for that day. ¬†Everything was just awesome with great textures and flavors, I can only imagine what Round 2 has in store.

I have been able to refrain from even peeking at the menu (which is posted SOMEWHERE) in order to maximize my anticipation and excitement for dinner tomorrow night (Thursday, come stalk me if you dare), but I have heard rumors of the possibility of a foie gras beignet, which if executed correctly (which I have no inkling of a doubt whatsoever Lefebvre can pull off) will be, dare I say, orgasmic.

You all can definitely count on a follow-up post with plenty of photos.


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