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Stolen Avocados

Posted by Austios on February 2, 2009

The other day I’m out somewhere and I get a call from my mom saying that all of our avocados from the 3 trees in the backyard are all gone. Even the ones way at the top of the trees. We have no idea when they went missing or who it could have been. I speculate that whoever it was, they came in the middle of the night and patiently took every single avocado.

It really is mind boggling. I could understand if they took all of the ones lower to the ground, but they took their time to get the ones at the top. So I’m talking abou hundreds and hundreds of avocados. And it’s not like the trees are in the front yard or on the side of the house to make them somewhat accessible. They’re all in the backyard where you wouldn’t be ale to see them unless you’ve been in our backyard. We absolutely hav no idea who would do such a thing. My brother suggested my mom call the police, which she did and was told this is a crime, so they took a report and got the names and numbers of everybody who has access and reason to be in our backyard: our gardener, our contractors, and maybe our termite guy. At this point, there’s nothing we can do really.

What upset my mom that she didn’t realize until today when we were out there talking to our contractors about the next project is that whoever stole our avocados stood up on her expensive natural jade table which ended up having a hairline fracture across the top, as well as a couple of smaller cracks and scuffs.

Honestly, I wasn’t so upset about the avocados, but I’m pretty pissed about the table. Those F*CKING bastards. I hope whoever it is gets what’s coming to them. I normally don’t wish misfortune on people, but when you do something like this that especially upsets my mom, I sure hope they get what they deserve.


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