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Posted by Austios on January 23, 2009

It’s technically been 3 years since I started my catering business. Business has been slow, especially with the way our economy is right now. But I have been fortunate to have done a few jobs here and there.

Most recently I did a dessert demonstration for a group of Yelpers. As an actve member of yelp myself, I was happy to do it and it was great to see some familiar faces and meet new ones.

Thanks to David K for taking some awesome photos of the event.

I demo-ed 3 desserts. A Nutella creme brulee, my signature Chocobanana parfait, and a warm chocolate souffle cake. They didn’t come out 100% the way I would’ve liked them to, but I was still happy with them and everybody loved all 3 desserts.

This is the Nutella Creme Brulee. I shot this the day after the demo.


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