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Fine Dining Part II

Posted by Austios on December 10, 2008

I had a FABULOUS time at CUT after a small hiccup with a bitchy hostess

an excerpt:

“OH….MY… F********CKING GAAAWD!!!!!! Both appetizers were probably the best thing EVER!! I swear once it hit my tongue, my tastebuds were doing the happy dance while on steroids!!!!! The bone marrow was so soft, flavorful and was so good with the mushroom “marmalade”. And the pork belly? So soft and succulent it just melted. It was told by the bread lady that it’s cooked in duck fat for 3 days. SAY WHAT NOW???? Duck fat? 3 days? Fat cooked in fat (confit style), how can you go wrong with that????”

you can read the full review here:


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