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Fine Dining Part I

Posted by Austios on December 4, 2008

Over the Years, both before and after attending culinary school (but mostly after), I’ve had the privilege to dine at some very nice restaurants throughout Southern California.

Places like the French Laundry, Guy Savoy, and Le Cirque, and Craft will always be among my list of restaurants to eat at in some point of my life, but until then I will have to stick to the ones LA has to offer. Now don’t get me wrong, LA has A TON of higher end restaurants that have helped shape LA’s reputation for fine cuisine, but New York still is the food Mecca of this country.

Of the restaurants that I’ve been to that have been higher end meals: Delmonico’s (Las Vegas), BOA Steakhouse, Ruth’s Chris, Roy’s, Napa Rose, and… that’s all I can think of so far.

In terms of LA restaurants that I want to try, there’s Hatfields, Providence, Craft, and many others.

I suppose this is all a warmup to my dinner this Saturday. I will be dining at Cut Steakhouse in Beverly Hills. I will be dining with my cousin and a couple friends. I am a huge carnivore and I love a very good steak and I will be looking forward to this meal. I try not to overhype or expect too much out of a restaurant because I’ve found that contributes to ruining your overall dining experience. I of course will be expecting a good dinner, but I will not set specific standards for the food or the service.

I’ll post a picture… that’s if I remember to take a picture.


2 Responses to “Fine Dining Part I”

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