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Archive for June, 2008

BOA Steakhouse: No Feathers Here

Posted by Austios on June 18, 2008

I have to ask: is BOA in this name an acronym for something?

Anyway, when hear the word “BOA”, what do you think of? The snake? A feather boa? I think most people have a tendency to think of the latter. Feather boas tend to be pretty flashy and stick out.

However, this kind of “BOA” isn’t flashy and doesn’t stick out. I will have to throw in this disclaimer: between the time I actually came here and the time I am typing this up, the restaurant has actually moved down the street to its current location on Sunset Blvd.

Not to say the old location was hidden or hard to miss, though I did drive right by it the first time. It did kind of help that it had a lime-ish green canopy.

The interior was pretty simple with medium tone wooden furniture. The layout was pretty simple as well but it worked.

I came here with my brother and some of his friends for his “bachelor party” in lieu of an overnight fishing charter because the trip got cancelled due to bad weather. We were planning on taking him here anyway as a secondary “party”.

We started off with a bottle wine. In honor of he and my sister-in-law moving up to Portland for her dental residency, and because he likes reds, we got a Pinot Noir. 2005 Bighorn Cellars from Yamhill County in Oregon. It was very good, we all liked it. It was subtle with notes of cherry and peppercorns. Very nice.

I was the only one to get an appetizer. The soup du jour was a tomato and crab etouffee, with whole lump crab meat, bacon bits, and croutons. It was good and very flavorful, but consider it a glorified tomato soup. I know etouffee is typically served over rice, but as an appetizer soup, rice would have made this a meal in itself.

Then it was on to the steaks. All of their cuts sounded really good, but I opted for the bone-in Kansas City ribeye, medium rare as always. Came out with really nice grill marks, with a bunch of roasted garlic, which I squeezed out onto my steak and spread like butter, and a cabernet sauvignon reduction sauce. It was seriously one of the best steaks I’ve ever had. I’m not one to compare high end steakhouses to each other, so please don’t ask. It’s good in its own right and the way they do their steaks is really good. Then again, places like Ruth’s Chris (which I’ve been to) and Mastro’s (which I haven’t been to) have their own takes and approach to steak, but don’t ask me to compare them.

We also got a couple orders of steak fries, served with a salsa verde mayonnaise. Perfectly crispy and the salsa verde mayo was interesting but good.

I wanted to get dessert, but some of us were in a hurry to get somewhere else and I think I was the only one that actually wanted dessert.

The service was very good, as is expected with a higher end restaurant. Our server was quite attentive and was very courteous and patient with us. I forgot to mention the space was smaller than say Ruth’s Chris or Flemings, but I think that added to the ambience of the place.

I look forward to my next meal at this restaurant. Of course, at the new location.

BOA Steakhouse
9200 Sunset Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA 90069
(310) 278-2050

Boa in Los Angeles
BOA Steakhouse Sunset on Urbanspoon


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